Nobody is bothered about an institution,
more than its Alumni...!

Rani Jai HSS Alumni

Rani Jai Higher Secondary School is celebrating its Golden Jubilee year in 2021-2022. The management, teachers, students, and alumni of the school are joining hands to make this milestone, a remarkable one, in the outstanding history of our school. For the alumni of the school, there is no better occasion than this golden jubilee year to come together, relive the memories, and give back to the alma mater.

Rani Jai student batches from 1972 to 2021 are working towards establishing a well-structured and enriching alumni association. The alumni association aims to foster the relationship among the past and present students of the institution, inculcating in them a feeling of responsibility towards upholding the traditions of the institution. The association intends to take an active role in the overall development of the school, especially the academic, co-curricular, cultural, and infrastructure developmental activities. It will act as a platform to bring all the members under one roof, to meet, to network, and to grow together.

It’s time to go back to our roots. It’s time to go back to our home away from home for many years. It’s time to go back to Rani Jai Higher Secondary School – the garden of knowledge, love, and friendship, where we nurtured ourselves to be what we are now.

Come, let’s all unite again and continue our everlasting journey of friendship.

“Let’s take a trip on memory’s ship
Back to the bygone days
Sail to the old village school house
Anchor outside the school door
Look in and see, there is you and there’s me
A couple of kids once more”

~School Days
By Will Cobb and Gus Edward

Sr. LIZA Puthenveedu SABS

Principal and Patron-Alumni Association